Oil Colors
Northern California native, UC Berkeley graduate

I have painted intermittently throughout my adult life, and since 2002, continuously.  The North Bay is home and never ceases to inspire me. I deeply treasure the natural beauty found in Marin and Sonoma counties, where I have lived and enjoyed life for the past thirty-one years. I live with my husband, Leif, in Petaluma. Our dog, Swedii, provides entertainment and joy to our already rich lives.

I work with oil on canvas, but before oils, I enjoyed watercolors and studied with Marty Meade for nine years. My time with Marty led me to a greater understanding of the value of planning ahead, composition, and color preferences.

In 2011, I turned to oils, remembering the vibrant colors and fluidity of this medium from my early adult experience with oils.  I began studying with Barbara Lawrence, and for the past two years, it has been with Carol Smith Meyer. Carol has significantly influenced my understanding of light and color.  I am on a quest to discover my “just right” place, that particular point where my interests, appreciation of nature, color and light, and my knowledge, all coincide.

I am working on incorporating beautiful paint colors into my work, and am on constant look out for interesting subjects and beautiful light, with shadow, to translate what is in my mind’s eye, along with what I feel, onto canvas. My artist filter interprets what I see, and my paintings follow along.